A major component in macrame is the plant hanger and many great DIY hangers are out there, but it’s difficult to make them really stand out. While many DIY designers go for a free-standing style, or perhaps a colorful design, with or without a frame, there are still some that want to have one.

There are DIY styles that offer a frame along with their holders, which is a nice addition to some designs. But it can be hard to find an integrated hanger for a plant hanger. If you know that your hanger has a frame, then here are some more DIY macrame plant hanger ideas.

The simplest idea is basic macrame plants. Just take a plant and cut the head off. You should use a pair of scissors or something similar to pull the plant apart. Once it’s down to bare branches, you can start creating it look like a bunch of flowers.

This can be done by using a colored ribbon to give it texture to its ‘floral’ appearance and is best done in one’s color scheme, so a traditional floral arrangement would be great. In this instance, you just have to choose the right color for your ribbon, and then you can make your plant hanger look like a collection of buds or leaves.

This DIY idea is really just a prettier version of the first, though it uses a different piece of branches for a focal point. By putting together several smaller plant holders into one frame, you can use some of the smaller leaves to create a long-lasting centerpiece. This is a good idea for setting up a full-color scheme for a room that doesn’t lend itself to getting done in greys and blacks.

Fora tree stand, you need to use an alternative to a small hanger. A hand-held plant holder is just perfect for this project. Instead of small leaves, you can add colored leaves as accents, making your hands look bigger than they are.

A basic design will work just fine for either of these ideas. One thing to keep in mind is that both of these are much simpler than the ones that are presented in many styles of DIY. It’s important to remember that these are for something easy to build and more intricate designs will take more time.

With those ideas in mind, and if you find you’re looking for something simple to build, then a lot of good DIY patterns will work. Regardless of what type of DIY style you end up doing, or if you already have a basic DIY design you like, there are all sorts of great DIY macrame plant hanger ideas out there.