Dogon sculptures act as a physical medium in initiations and as an explanation of earth. African art takes many forms and is created from many diverse materials. The art of the Makonde has to be subdivided into various locations.

The church must resist mediocrity with precisely the same commitment it resists compromise. As it is now becoming more African, care must be taken so that the message is not over contextualized which could lead to syncretism (the mixing of religious beliefs). It should learn the African concept of muntu, that is, person.

Language is produced by people together. Their languages are rather different, their social systems are very different, and certainly their art is very different. Stick to words that people are more inclined to be acquainted with. It might revolve around words like or a blend of those. After you are aware of what they want, select the ideal word that represents their expectations and utilize it in the name. Just be certain you discover the ideal word and live until the claim which you make. There are a number of reasons why you can imagine using words from languages apart from the predominantly spoken one in your region.