A small bathroom is one of the most frustrating areas to plan a makeover because you have no idea how you’re going to decorate it or how much money you need to spend. There are a lot of items you’ll need and a lot of little things you’ll want to consider, but there are several tips that can help you stay within your budget while planning a small bathroom makeover.

Most of the time, a small bathroom makeover is made easier with light color themes and neutral colors. Your first step is to look at your current bathroom and consider the color scheme that best fits your bathroom. You might consider replacing your current bathtub and sinks with a slightly lighter shade, or perhaps changing the color of your tiled flooring, countertops, and cabinets. You might also consider replacing your existing linoleum flooring with new tile, if you have tiled floors.

Consider Different Color Scheme

Paint can often be the biggest cost you incur when remodeling. If you do not have the money to paint, you can easily go with a stenciled-on shower curtain or painted tapestry. The less expensive way is to replace your curtains and mirrors, which you can do yourself by hiring a carpenter or a seamstress for a do-it-yourself makeover.

Replace Curtains and Accessories

If you decide to paint instead of replace your bathtub and/or shower curtain, you will probably want to have a theme for your bathroom, so when you start shopping, think about the look you would like to achieve. You can add touches like a vase of flowers on the vanity or even a vase of baskets on the vanity or backsplash.

Decorating your bathroom is easy enough. You can consider adding a small bit of storage in an interesting place such as under your sink or under your faucet. Maybe you want a small one-drawer shoe cabinet under your sink. Whatever it is, do your best to incorporate it into your new bathroom design.

Lighting Also an Important Part

Some people choose to install ceiling lights, but if you’re just trying to save on the budget, then by all means, avoid them. It’s fine to have a light on one side of the room, but a total light over the entire room can end up costing you a lot more money.

Don’t Forget Humidity

One of the hardest things to keep in mind while planning a small bathroom makeover is humidity. Humidity can build up quickly in a small bathroom and cause a lot of mildew. You can usually find a fan that will keep the air flowing in your bathroom, which will help combat the humidity.

Small bathroom makeovers are made easier by thinking about the theme. If you do not have a theme, try thinking about what you would like to be in your bathroom. You can incorporate it into your small bathroom makeover, or else just try to keep it simple, to keep from overdoing it.