There are several texture ideas that you can use to spice up your bathroom, from the minimal texture found in enamel to the texture of the shower floors and walls. Texture ideas can range from the simple to the complex and can be applied to any area of your bathroom. You will find that you can get different textures using one technique or can combine different techniques.

Tile Texture

One of the more common wall and floor tile texture ideas is to use a border or pattern on the top of the wall. By doing this, it helps you to create a geometric effect. Another popular way to apply texture is to use what is called stenciling. Stenciling is done by marking out a design using stencils and then using that design to paint onto the wall, or apply a texture that matches that of the stenciled design.

Another texture idea for your bathroom that you can use is to use wallpaper to create a wall texture to your bathroom. You can find a variety of textures to choose from, including distressed antique, antique vinyl, paper, cement board, glass paper, and foil patterned wallpaper. Whatever texture you choose to apply to your wall and floor tile texture ideas, the best part is that you can mix and match textures, from using one texture on one wall, to a different texture on the other wall.

Wall Tile

Wall stenciling is usually done on the wall behind the bathroom door, or for decorative purposes. Some patterns you can find are floral designs, geometric patterns, tribal patterns, and even animal designs. This type of wall stenciling is also a good idea for a more complete look when you want to have both wall and floor tile texture ideas.

There are several other texture ideas that you can use to spice up the tiles in your bathroom, from using clear to choose either a marble or granite floor, to choosing patterns in darker colors, to using mottled colors and dark grays, to using contrasting color floor tiles. If you want to choose a mosaic tile floor for example, it is usually best to choose a dark color tile to create a focal point of the design. If you want the floor to have a more natural look, choose a lighter color for the floor tiles.

Floor Tile

Another way to spice up the tiles in your bathroom is to apply a textured floor to the floor. You can use this idea with either a mosaic tile floor or a plain or painted floor tile. These are great because they are easy to paint over, and the effect will last for many years.

Using a textured floor on a mosaic tile floor is also a great idea because the mosaics are typically textured in a random pattern so you can make your floor textured and interesting, without having to cover all the tiles. For example, if you have a dark colored mosaic tile floor and want the floor to look different, you can use a darker color on one side of the mosaic tile floor, and a lighter color on the other side of the floor. You can add different patterns to the floors, and they will be different each time you go to place something on the floor.

After you apply your wall and floor tile texture ideas, you should let them set overnight, or at least 6 hours. When you return the next day, they should be very hard and rough to the touch. If you let them sit overnight, and then leave them for the night, they should look like they are “falling” off the wall.