Remove everything on or in the front of the wall that you want to plank. After a couple of hours, the entire wall was done! Developing a custom made shiplap wall doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. An old window may add aesthetic value to your residence or any establishment if transformed into an indicator that has vinyl lettering within it.

Your board doesn’t even need to be in perfect dimensions. Begin planking at the base of the wall with the board resting against the ground. Begin at the bottom which is easiest, and make sure first board is perfectly level otherwise the entire wall is going to be askew. The top most board is not going to want the top rabbet cut out of it so the wall looks uniform. You must replace any terrible boards.

Pull the bottom down and away and then you need to be able to just unzip that piece horizontally through the wall all the way to the end. Plan your layout as best as possible to prevent awkward tiny pieces. A long bit of wood is going to do, and with a fairly wreath perched on top, it is likely to make your porch or entryway a complete lot prettier.